Maria Luisa Miraldi
Art Director & Graphic Designer
Welcome in TRIBECA STUDIO, my creative world!
Hi there!
I’m Maria Luisa, a Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer from Milan, Italy.
I’ve been designer for 11years. I am in the agency circuit from 10 years, and I did
large scale of work for international brands such as Sole 24Ore, Ferrari, Angelo Poretti HQ,
Nespresso, Barilla, Chicco, Costa Crociere, Lucas Production, Huawei, Prismian, Rouj,
Yoox, JUUL, and for some banks as BPER and BNL.

To express my own creativity and my methods I always worked as an Art Director at 360° as a  designer and consultant, making ideas true, organization, design and accounting.

I’m currently Lecturer in University in Milan, my course of Art Direction and Graphic Design is
OnAir from 7 years in Bauer, and from 2019 Naba Academy.
It’s great to meet you.
GET IN TOUCH! I'm Available for freelance or coffee break, now!

Thank you!
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